Hairy Bikers Larger Than Live Tour 2013

March 20, 2013 at 12:36 pm
They are a couple of pounds lighter and changing their food menu toward healthier, yet tasty, comfort food. Si King and Dave Meyers now claim to be in "maintenance mode" having lost weight following the publication of their book "The Hairy Dieters". Hairy Bikers Arrive at The Opera House Blackpool After their 5000 mile European "Bake-ation" where they showcased the best of continental cuisine and emerged leaner, and greener, with a newfound commitment to sustainable food, the boys are touring the country to take the middle-aged male dieting market by storm. On Friday 5th April 2013 the boys hit Blackpool Opera House ready to do some dancing, tell tall stories from their travels and explain how dieting helps you achieve “50 shades of grey, wink, if you know what we mean”. Typical of their sense of humour, wthey get really hung up on one topic. It might be wise to read that scurrilous novel, “50 Shades of Grey” before you see the show, as it seems to be their latest fetish. Perhaps they should get commission! “It’ll Be Right” The motorcycle loving pair met on the set of a Catherine Cookson series while working crew positions eight years ago. While on lunch where the film set staff ordered salads and soda water all-round, the boys ordered curry and chips together and a lasting friendship was born. Hanging out together they discovered a mutual passion for motorcycling around the countryside and cooking up meals together. Initially there was some discussion about who would cook, but they got on so well they started making tasty concoctions together. They would invent food and not worry how it turned out saying “it’ll be right”, which is now their most famous catchphrase. By now, good mates, and prompted by the lack of a pay rise in over 15 years for backstage film crew, they embarked on forming their own TV series. Initially, they didn't know what to do, but reasoned that a love of motorcycling, talking rubbish, and cooking just might go together well, and the Hairy Bikers was formed! The Hairy Bikers are sure to be a good laugh at The Opera House this April, so make sure you get your tickets to this hilarious culinary and comedy show. The event is on Friday night so why not stop over in a Blackpool Hotel and enjoy the sights of the Piers and the Blackpool Tower? Most attractions are open from April so you won’t be stuck for something to do.