Halloween Family Party

October 13, 2012 at 3:59 pm
The annual Halloween Family Party at Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom is a fun event for all the family. Don your spookiest outfit and play trick or treat at the largest Halloween Party this side of the globe. The event takes place each year on October 31st, the night when traditionally ghosts and ghouls rise from the dead to haunt the living. In medieval English times, this was known as All Souls’ eve and precedes the following day, All Saints’ Day. Trick or Treat? The question, trick or treat, is a bit like truth or dare. If you are asked this question you must give the bearer a treat. Usually this involves some kind of sweet or fruit. If your bag is empty of treats, or you are a miserly type, you will be the victim of a trick. This could include being flour bombed or having a popper exploded near you! It’s all in good fun and the Empress Ballroom event at Winter Gardens near the Blackpool Promenade is designed to provide a safe environment. This is particularly great for the kids, as the adults can supervise the fun, while also playing the part of providing treats for many other children who are dressed up and playing trick or treat. That’s not to say adults can’t join in with a costume or two. There are prizes for fancy dress and you will feel underdressed if you don’t make the effort, going on the fantastic efforts made in previous years by Halloween Family Party participants. Disco Fun There’s a dance floor and a DJ for the night sure to play some classic Halloween hits like “Monster Mash”. The ballroom is decorated with spider webs, spooky masks, hollowed out pumpkins with candles, and scary characters from monster story books. There’s actors playing Lurch from the Addams family and Jack Skellington from the Night Before Christmas. Jack Skellington is the patron of Halloween and the pumpkin king. He has a dog at his side called Zero who has a glowing nose. He wears a black and white suit with a bat on his shoulder for another pet. Jack is sure to have some spooky tricks up his sleeve to thrill you on the night of Halloween. After all the fun is over collapse into one of the hotels Blackpool has nearby. Just make sure you let them know you’ll be home soon after midnight!