High Jinx

October 13, 2012 at 1:50 pm
What does High Jinx mean? We’ve all heard the term and take it to mean a bit of mischief. Traditionally spelt, ‘high jinks’ it actually means to have a very loud, fun and boisterous party! High Jinx spelt with an x has another connotation. For this reason, Michael Jordan’s High Jinx Magic and Illusion Show is the jinx in question. To jinx someone is to cast a spell on someone that brings bad luck! A Night of Magical Mayhem I’m sure no one would leave Michael’s show without their good luck intact, but you never know when you place yourself in the hands of a master magician! The show commences on the 4th of October until the beginning of November and is at the Horseshoe Showbar inside the Pleasure Beach Resort. You will be treated to a night of dance, magic, illusion, escapology and all the drama designed to leave you astonished at the skill of the performers. This is an ideal show for all the family to enjoy. Michael Jordan formed High Jinx in 2009 when he was just 17. He and his sister Siobhan perform in the show, along with Tamsyn, the final cast member. The entertainment they provide is thrilling to watch and in addition to magic tricks that are unique and new, you benefit from the circus skills, acting, dancing, unicycling, fire eating and stilt walking displays that the trio have learned in order to perfect their act. There’s even fire juggling while on a unicycle, sabre juggling, the best disappearing act ever and a completely new twist on the famous “girl in a box” trick which has left even the most experienced magicians agape. Michael is definitely a young magician who has taken the industry by storm, securing the cap of the Magic Circles’ “Young Magician of the Year” from 2009 to 2011. Other awards in the world of Magic and entertainment include winners of Buxton Fringe 2009/10, British Stage Championships for the International Brotherhood of Magicians and most recent runners up in 2011 with FISM Europe Championships. High Jinx has even appeared on Hollyoaks for Channel 4! So if you fancy disappearing for an evening out, escaping into a fantasy world of illusion, learning a new trick or two and having a good laugh at the same time, be sure to check for tickets to this wonderful High Jinx show with your Blackpool Hotel staff.