Hot Ice Show

October 18, 2011 at 11:00 am
Go down to Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena to get tickets for the Hot Ice Show, which is literally one of the hottest tickets in town. Spectacular choreography, music infused with the spirit of European beats and Latin rhythms combines to adorn the ice skater sequential dancers in a show that will take your breath away. Performing for the summer season from July 4th to September 8th, 2012, it is wise to book early for this sell out show.  The Pleasure Beach Arena has a long history with ice skating shows, having first hosted one in 1937.Due to this long association with the sport, the show attracts the cream of international talent and has won many awards. Talented skaters In 2010 ITV filmed Dancing on Ice with Hot Ice performer Katie Stainsby who danced with Vanilla Ice, the rapper. Six times Australian Ice Skating Champion Trent Nelson Bond is a Hot Ice favourite alongside International Ice Skating Gold Medallist, Anna Lioveria. The show won the accolade of “Best Show” in Las Vegas for the Big E Awards ceremony. This is a nod to the stylised costumes, amazing choreography and show-business glamour that the Hot Ice Show brings to skating. The sets for the Hot Ice Show include a dangerous looking combination for their “Fire” themed routine, which includes fireworks, pyrotechnic displays, alongside speed dancing with incredible spins and twirls and the notorious “head banger spin”. After watching the visually stunning duets and group movements of the ice skaters, you can avail yourself of the Pleasure Beach ice rink, which is open all year, and practice your moves. Most show tickets attract a free Pleasure Beach day pass, so you can visit all of the attractions there on the same day, making this outing good value for money. The Hot Ice Show can only be described as a skating extravaganza. It is created by a Blackpool company owned by Amanda Thompson, who is also the Managing Director of Pleasure Beach Resort and managed and choreographed by Stage-works Worldwide Productions. It is one of the top ice shows in the world, and your chance to see current and former Olympic ice stars and dancers in action. If you have never seen ice skating up close, I recommend you visit the Hot Ice Show when in Blackpool.