Hot Ice Show 2013

December 9, 2012 at 9:19 am
The Blackpool Pleasure Beach Resort plays host to the world famous Hot Ice Show from 3rd July to 7th September 2013.  The ice dancing extravaganza is one of the most popular shows of the summer season in Blackpool and it is well worth booking your tickets in advance. Swirl of Colours Under the direction of Amanda Thompson, stunning choreography and colourful costumes swirl before your eyes to a series of dance sequence stories that inspire. At times there are up to 30 dancers on the ice, as in the “Amarin” sequence, whom with amazing skill delivering a faultless performance that is a treat all ages will enjoy. If you think ballroom dancers have interesting outfits, Hot Ice skaters are just as, if not more, creative. There’s exquisite feather work resembling Las Vegas show dancers, sequins that glint and textures that dazzle make Hot Ice a visual feast. The physique an iceskater needs to perform extraordinary acrobatic-like air lifts, trapeze work, juggling (of people and objects) and of course, the actual dancing on ice, requires an athleticism that audiences will admire. The show is one of the most prestigious in the world, having won a Big E Award in Las Vegas, and attracts international star skaters including, Australian Ice Skating Champion Trent Nelson, ITV Dancing on Ice star Katie Stainsby and  skating gold Medallist, Anna Lioveria. Hot Ice employs a range of pyrotechnic displays which are timed to thrill and exhort the audience. Ice skating shows that are dynamic and combined with music that is both on trend and full of rhythm make it hard to sit still in your seat. The Blackpool Pleasure Beach ice skating venue is superbly acoustic with a light display rig to rival any Vegas showroom. The creative team behind the look of the show works hard to make each and every dance story sequence something special. The romantic and soulful duet ice dances bring joy to the hardest of hearts, and I think this show is successful in the summer time as it reminds you of what is important in this world. Beautiful form, flowing movement, love in sequence and being true to another. When contacting your Blackpool Hotels and reserving your holiday for this summer, be sure to enquire about tickets to Hot Ice, to get out of the heat, but also to be inspired and treated to one of the most fabulous shows on offer in Blackpool.