Hotels Blackpool

March 27, 2012 at 8:39 pm
There are plenty of great hotels Blackpool has on offer. Most are located on or near the Promenade, where the three famous piers can be visited. Prices for Blackpool hotels vary depending upon time of year and individual specials that the hotel is offering. Compared to many holiday locations, Blackpool is quite inexpensive for accommodation, as it is a town specifically catering for tourism and gets a lot of trade. Hotel prices don’t need to be extortionate. Hotels Blackpool websites It is always wise to shop around for a hotel, and there are many hotels Blackpool features on listing websites. These websites function to provide reviews, star ratings and hotel prices and locations. You can easily find information on the area where the hotel is located too. You can then visit the actual hotel’s website you are intending to visit. The smart online shopper will know that it is always wise to check the home site too. Sometimes, the listing website won’t have the home website special offers and vice versa. Take a few more minutes to check out each site carefully. Making the deal It is always possible to negotiate an individual deal with hotels Blackpool has advertised, as many are owner operated. Families have long histories with the hospitality trade in Blackpool, with some involved in running the attractions and rides on the piers, others run restaurants, others work in the entertainment industry. Depends what you frame as your reason for discounts and deals, and you will find Blackpool hoteliers friendly, yet firm in business. They will do you a fair deal if you have unusual travel arrangements. Ireland travel If you plan to make it all the way to Ireland and your journey is quite long, stopping off in one of the great hotels Blackpool has on offer gives you the chance to visit Britain’s number one tourism capital. With hundreds of millions of regeneration projects completed in 2011, Blackpool has changed significantly, and now features many outdoor cultural and art projects, alongside sparkling new buildings and glitzy promenade walkways. Blackpool hotels are sprucing up rooms and aiming for top provision and customer service to cater for the high amount of new visitors already booking in for the very first time. In line with the increase in tourism numbers this year, hotels Blackpool has known for many years have gotten on board with the new changes to Blackpool town.