Houndshill Shopping Centre

February 4, 2012 at 1:52 pm
Much beloved of Blackpool Town, the Houndshill Shopping Centre has been recently acquired by Modus Properties, who have rebranded the complex with a snazzy artistic letter H, with a dot underneath, indicating kinetic movement. Modus Properties have the motto, “a way of life” and specialise in buying properties that have something to do with the lifestyle of the community. This attitude can be seen in the many events and attractions that the Shopping Centre hosts, from The Face of Blackpool; Gorgeous Grandma Makeover Day; Spongebob and Dora explore for children days; Radio Wave Chipmunks; to Musical acts from the Barefoot in Babylon Music Festival. Variety of Shops to Experience Houndshill Shopping Centre is located behind the world famous Blackpool Tower and is a great stop for all the high-end and high street chains, alongside some local shops that are keen to do business with you. Competitively priced, you may find bargains here that you won’t find in other parts of the UK, due to the enormous volume of turnover Blackpool shops take advantage of, with over 6 million visitors per year to the town. There are not many jumpers from last year in the shops! The centre supports the local children holding Easter Egg events and Christmas activities, along with a Santa Claus who appears in different parts of the shopping centre. The Debenhams display is allowed into the concourse area, and is a stunning Christmas display not to be missed, each year. The Houndshill Shopping Centre Christmas decorations are always lovely to look at. The shopping centre has a nice atmosphere, and is a good place to stop for a coffee, or a light lunch. You can find the famous “I heart BPL” hats here, and you may get a lot of Blackpool tourism souvenirs, Blackpool Rock, fridge magnets and stickers, for better prices than the street markets. Handy shops for visitors include a Eurochange and several mobile phone stores. If your feet are tired from traipsing the promenade you could have a giggle in the newly opened “Appy Feet”, featuring the Garra Rufa fish that nibble away on your feet. This is really the most hilarious sensation, and I recommend you try it sometime. For all your shopping and leisure needs, check out the Houndshill Shopping Centre for a bargain, or a nice coffee and a stroll, while you are in Blackpool.