Ken Webster Hypnotist Show

February 4, 2012 at 10:42 am
Blackpool presents the Ken Webster Hypnotist Show at the Pleasure Beach Resort. Ken travels regularly to Scarborough, Norfolk and Great Yarmouth, and has been performing his sell-out show in Blackpool for 23 years. There must be something really great about a show that has sold out, over and over, for all of these years. Just what is so good about the Ken Webster Hypnotist Show? He has also performed internationally and it makes me wonder what he has convinced people to do, all around the world? About Ken Webster Ken is what is known as an ethical hypnotist, and he is the Chairman of the Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnosis group. I would assume that this means you won’t go home springing into random chicken-style clucks or barking like a dog. Ken is a comedy hypnotist. Anyone who features on their display poster a picture of themselves as The Terminator with the slogan “you’ll be back” has my vote. I think I’m going to the show. Eek! The hypnotism is working. There is a warning that the show is for adults, and if you bring your family Ken will teach your older kids how to hypnotise you. Look out PC World, you might receive an influx of parents buying their teenage and university-age children the latest gadgets, with slightly glazed and pleased expressions as they hand over their credit cards! A genuinely funny guy, Ken uses his wit to relax the mind and prepare his audiences for hypnosis. As the show is for over 18s only, there are some raunchy moments, some rude observations and some hilarious bits with blokes lap-dancing and women making strange requests. The most enjoyable part is the level of audience participation, with around 8-12 people on stage with Ken. It is impossible to come away with anything but the conclusion that hypnosis works, especially after you see your husband letting loose his inner Lady Ga Ga. Ken is a Blackpool institution for sure, but also a staunch supporter of Blackpool’s tourism industry, regarding it as not so much the place to go, but as; “Where else is there to go in this country?” When attending the Ken Webster Hypnotist Show in Blackpool, you will not only get a really good show, but an insight into the hearts and minds of one of Blackpool’s legendary,  performance artists.