Ken Webster Outrageous Comedy Hypnotist at Horseshoe Showbar, Blackpool

September 19, 2014 at 4:38 pm
Everyone is very excited to see Ken Webster return to Blackpool for the 22nd consecutive year. This hugely popular hypnotism act is arguable the funniest show on at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Running all the way through to November, this triple x rated comedy hypnotism show will have you exploding with laughter, and quite possibly, literally, exploding! Ken is one of the most loved comedy acts in the UK and he is not afraid to tread the edge of ‘political correctness’ in his act. Ken would say, as a veteran of the industry, he is one of the most copied hypnotists - then again, he might just make you think that way! Ken is notorious in his hypnotic stunts, and was the first hypnotist to come up with some original takes on the artform, such as getting a man to talk to his own privates, conducting a male lap dancing routine, and making a bingo caller appear very drunk – to the amusement of the audience. When you see a show by Ken Webster, you will laugh yourself silly. He is an outrageously funny guy, and the fact that everyone is close to the stage and part of the act makes it a very interesting evening indeed. Most would describe Ken as good, clean fun, with some ribald humour attached. Ken’s shows are very popular, and in Great Yarmouth, Scarborough, Norfolk and Blackpool his tour regularly sells out. We've all heard of hypnotist act where someone ends up clucking like a chicken. Be aware Ken does ask for volunteers for the show. If you don’t want to get up there, you can just watch all the fun ahead of you while sitting in the audience. Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Action-packed entertainment complex. At the Blackpool Pleasure Beach complex you can also see long-running show Hot Ice, or book in for some time on the rink ice-skating with all your friends and family. There's many organised dance events to see or participate in at the dance studio. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is also home to the Paradise Rooms and the Globe Theatre. Of course, there's the incredible action, thrills and spills of the pleasure beach rides to keep you energised throughout your stay in Blackpool. For an excellent holiday stay in close proximity to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the Horseshoe Bar, stay with us at the Carn Brae Hotel, Blackpool. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to plan your amazing holiday stay in Blackpool.