Lee Evans at The Grand Theatre Blackpool

May 27, 2014 at 12:26 pm
It would seem 2014 is the year The Grand Theatre takes a more modern approach to the acts it is booking. You might have seen a Pop Idol or X-Factor performer there recently,  a hip hop dance convention, or a face of modern comedy. It is a good idea to see something at The Grand Theatre when you are staying in any of the town's Blackpool Hotels. It is gaining a reputation for being a theatre, musical theatre and comedy venue of choice. Lee Evans' Special Blackpool Show Lee Evans has chosen to try out some brand new material for his upcoming Monsters Arena Tour by coming to Blackpool and performing a show called "Work in Progress". Fans of Evans will really appreciate the chance to see him live in a smaller venue where gags are more intimate and you can actually see his face! Evans has Achieved Huge Mainstream Success In recent years, a few big names have begun to pool at the top tier of the comedy circuit in London, and Lee Evans is among them. He does not deviate in his performance from satirising reality, as he sees is, and the world according to Evans is a happy place where funny things happen around his extremely docile and innocent personality. Evans is a huge fan of slapstick comedy and there is usually a couple of floor-dropping gags involving some sort of physical injury. Evans is a master of delivery and timing, often employing silence to great effect, along with a cringe-worthy scrunching up of his facial features. Evans' comedy doesn’t pretend to be anything else but mainstream, however, he has a way of consistently rallying at public apathy. He believes, deep down, that no-one is really prepared to question anything anymore, and you can expect a few good jokes about UKIP based on his past satirical rants about politicians and their lives. Ticket Policies at The Grand Theatre The Grand Theatre are operating a strict ticket limit of 6 per person, as in the past, big-name comedy gigs have sold out within minutes of opening for sale. This gig is on Friday 11th or Saturday 12thof July, so there's still time to get your tickets. Blackpool is a cultural comedy destination, and to enjoy an evening with Lee Evans, make sure you book your overnight or weekend stay with us at the Carn Brae Hotel on 01253 345 938.