Mecca Bingo Blackpool

February 4, 2012 at 2:34 pm
You can find Mecca Bingo Blackpool in the Talbot Road and it is a long way from most people’s traditional picture of a Bingo hall. Slick and complete with bars, food, entertainment, and a variety of bingo alternatives, this is a good night out for your adult party in Blackpool. Run by the Rank Group, one of the biggest Europe gaming business outfits, their expertise in running a commercial bingo house is to be seen in the excellent facilities on offer. If you want to play up-to-the minute games with the latest techno wizardry, then Mecca Bingo is for you. History of bingo Originally, the word bingo is Italian for lotto, which we understand to be a winning set of numbers from a random draw. Bingo, however, was not that game, and did not become the moniker for it, until it was adopted by Americans, who pronounced something incorrectly. As the story goes, a church was running a game variant of bingo today, where players were given a few different cards, which were then randomly drawn in an order by the caller. The winner’s cards were called out first, and he would shout ‘beano’, which was the name of the game. Apparently, when a player mispronounced ‘beano’ for ‘bingo’, the name stuck and by the late 19th century, ‘bingo’ was the word. Beano gambling was not meant to be a commercial-for-profit pursuit, and was banned in the USA during prohibition. After the Great Depression, bingo, and some new derivatives were used by charities and churches to raise money, and this tradition continues today. Around the same time, Blackpool was becoming a legendary tourist destination for working class families on their annual holiday, and many like a flutter, and would play bingo games on the Golden Mile. Over time, commercial bingo establishments grew, and Mecca Bingo Blackpool embodies all that is traditional and combines it with modern technology. Bingo callers use some of the fun and amusing terms for numbers; “one – on its own”; “one night’s lodging – two and six”; “David Cameron – for number 10”; “The Beatles’ number – 64”; “The famous steps – 39” and “Dancing Queen – 17”. This all adds to the fun of the game. Nowadays it is not just as simple as sitting down with a full card, you will need to decide if you are playing more than one game, and buy a book, whether you will be playing for four corners or just for a line, or the house. Mecca Bingo Blackpool has many options for you to have fun with.