Merrie England Bar Blackpool

February 4, 2012 at 10:46 am
Just as the name suggests, the Merrie England Bar Blackpool is always full of good humour and good cheer. The term, “Merry England” is an iconic phrased, based on the idea of idyllic rural and pastoral life, where people are close to their families; eating Sunday roasts; nature loving; and quite possibly, believe in fairies. “Merry England” existed sometime between the middle ages, and the onset of the Industrial Revolution. A lot of myth and nostalgia surrounds this time in England’s history, and many fantasy stories are based on this time period. The Robin Hood legend, being the most familiar story we know of this time. Merrie England Embraces Popular Culture Resident Master of Ceremonies and comedian, Joey Blower delights visitors to the Merrie England Bar every weekend. He is also more known nationally for starting haircuts for charity, and over the years has raised tens of thousands for cancer research, by convincing members of the public to shave off all of their hair for a good cause. I guess this could be a way of carrying on the legend of Robin Hood, by collecting money for the ‘poor’. The bar also plays host to tribute acts, and plans for 2011 to have Take That Reuinited; alongside other popular acts such as Crissy Rock in From Bedlam to Benidorm; Ska Face; and guest acts such as The Drifters, who pop in every now and then to sing on stage with Joey Blower. The Merrie England Bar, situated on the North Pier, is vibrant and interactive, and attracts a young crowd that loves to dance and party. There are photographers who will spot a mystery guest, and that may be you, so check out the website afterwards. Joey blower loves to play practical jokes on his guests, including prank texts and telephone calls, that leave the crowd laughing and eating out of his hand. It is a real treat to see such a seasoned performer. For an experience of Blackpool that embraces the good times, you need to experience this bar, which is something of an icon for tourists. When you are looking for a laugh, a dance and a night of festivities and drinks, head to the North Pier and the Merrie England Bar, Blackpool.