Nickelodeon Land

October 30, 2011 at 2:22 pm
When visiting Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach Resort, there is ample entertainment for the children with the fantastic Nickelodeon Land to see.  Previously, the children’s entertainment area was known as Beaver Creek, and the popular rides from this have been transferred and repainted to serve in the new colour combinations for Nickelodeon Land. Several new rides have been added for the 2011 grand opening of Nickelodeon Land including Diego’s Rainforest Rescue, Krusty Krab Order Up, Fairy World Taxi Spin, SpongeBob’s Splash Bash and Wonder Pets! Big Circus Bounce. Overall there are 12 attractions including 2 rollercoasters, 2 water rides and 8 other rides. Children’s Park The £12 million pound park is the latest incarnation of the children’s area, designed for anyone up to 14 to attend, although it is probably best suited to those . Nickelodeon Land is linked to international fun park chains such as Movie Park, Germany and Kings Dominion in Virginia, Dreamworld in California and Carowinds in Canada. Nickelodeon parks try to be more local in feel, and include popular existing rides alongside some new ones. SpongeBob has been a huge cartoon sensation in the UK, and it is no surprise to see a themed water ride named after the character. The ride has the added attraction of being interactive, and you might get splashed by the passengers on it who are loaded up with on-board water blasters. Dora’s World Voyage is a lovely coast through a water river on a decorative gondola-style family seat. The character of Dora the Explorer is a ‘Nick’ character, and there is merchandising available at the gift shops littered throughout Nickelodeon Land if you want to buy a souvenir of the place. Dora herself is a Latin American girl, who loves to travel the world, so you can point out cultural items as you go, and enjoy the sentiment of diversity, which Dora is no doubt, meant to embody. Catering to the modern generation, the visitor’s website has interactive video games that you can let the kids play on before leaving home! Fiery Tracks of Fury sees SpongeBob and Patrick trying to escape a rollercoaster called the Fist of Pain. If you are visiting the Pleasure Beach Resort with your children, make sure you go and visit Blackpool’s Nickelodeon Land and make the most of the new attractions and adventures on offer.