North Pier

January 25, 2011 at 12:00 pm
Blackpool is well known for its rich cultural history and architectural artistry. In addition to that, the magical town of Blackpool is also famous for attracting tourists from all over the world. The region of Blackpool is laden with many interesting sights and places that draw people from all walks of life. However, none would seem more alluring than the bustling town centre at North Pier. One of the 3 piers in Blackpool, North Pier was opened back in 1963. The official opening ceremony attracted a crowd of more than 20,000. This was a truly remarkable feat, considering the fact that it was far more difficult to spread news back then without the advent of the internet. By the late 1980s, North Pier had completely ceased nautical use and became a fully designated leisure spot. Another additional tidbit about this amazing location is the fact that it is currently one of the last examples of Birch's classic architecture left and as such it now enjoys the status of a Grade II Listed building. Despite its name, North Pier is not situated at the furthermost reaches of the country of England. As misleading as the name might be, North Pier is actually far closer to the mid-line than the northern tip of the United Kingdom. The area most probably got its name from being in the proximity of Blackpool North Railway Station. The area at North Pier is close to many of the town’s major attractions such as the Dr Who Exhibition, the Louis Tussards Waxworks, Sea Life Centre and the legendary Blackpool Tower. Many of them can be reached by foot from North Pier itself. Even within North Pier, visitors can enjoy the artistic brilliance of the theatre, built with old school architecture. The theatre still hosts many of the most arty and classical plays in the world today. Apart from the theatre, shopaholics can also indulge in the enormous mall within the area of North Pier. The shopping arcade at North Pier sells many unique items that can be bought as souvenirs as well. Truly one of the remarkable landmarks in left in Blackpool today, it is no wonder that nearly every visitor makes it a point to stop by North Pier when they come to Blackpool. If you are an appreciator of the arts and culture, North Pier is a definite must-see.