October 13, 2012 at 1:55 pm
Lachie, Mark, Darren, Mike and Timmy comprise the five piece vocal harmony band known as the Overtones. Formed in 2010 the boys were apparently discovered by a Warner talent scout who happened upon them singing during their tea break. You can picture the scene painted on their wiki page entry can’t you? Five hunky lads in their overalls with paint splashed all over themselves, sipping on a cup of tea singing random doo-wop hits and pop tunes from the 50s. Then in walks a major label talent scout who signs them up? If you believe that …! I do wonder sometimes if these ‘discovery’ stories are completely made up! It doesn’t seem to happen that way to anyone I know? Judging from the vocal talent this group displays it is more likely that these five lads have spent a lifetime with classical musical singing coaches, perfected their craft and auditioned many a Sunday for a plethora of bored agents. Eventually one of these gave them a break! Having viewed their website myself there was a cute video of them all in smart suits from the 50s in the back of a tour bus. They seem like delightful, polite lads you would take home to meet Mum. A little snippet of them singing shows them off too and they really are good at vocal harmonies and choose a selection of songs ranging from a couple of their own hits to solid 50s favourites like “Get You”, “Grapevine” and other finger clickers. I recommend you cruise on down to the Blackpool Opera House on 15th December 2012 and see the Overtones. VIP seats where you also get to meet the band are available too and for any fans out there that is the way to go for sure! Experiencing a romantic weekend in a Blackpool Hotel before Christmas? Seeing the Illuminations too? The Overtones is the perfect concert to attend if you are out for a romantic time with someone special. There is something relaxing and refreshing about listening to the lyrics and love-themed tunes of an innocent era. Find your way to the centre of all the action at Blackpool, stroll the promenade, have a great meal and then go to the Overtones concert. The acoustics at the gorgeous Opera House suit this kind of act perfectly and you are sure to experience a special treat.