Paloma Faith

February 8, 2013 at 8:28 pm
Paloma Faith is well known by Blackpool Fans as having worked in Carnesky’s. The transformational fashion she embraces on and off-stage, has its roots in the carnivalesque style inherited from her time working there. Paloma returns to Blackpool on 13th February 2013, to a sell out concert at the Blackpool Opera House. The tour will see her play new songs from her “Fall to Grace” album, for which she’s received two Brit Award Nominations. The album has a different sonic feel to her debut “Do you want the truth or something beautiful” smash hit album, citing influences from Prince, Westlife and the composer of the James Bond films! The new album approach, according to Paloma, was to “strip herself bare” and go deeply into relationships. Starting with the title; a twist on the old saying “fall from grace”; the idea is that life is a journey and no matter what bad happens to you in life, you do heal over. Paloma Faith has gathered her fans through her creative use of visual medium and costume. This Masters Graduate of Time Based Arts from Central St Martin’s, part-time actress (The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus) and creative artist believes in conceptual music, and album art. The whole process needs to be a cohesive story, with a message behind it. Her stage performances are dynamic, colourful and evocative, with Paloma herself using several costume changes, dance-hall style choreographic arrangements and set arrangements to set a mood and tone for her audiences. More than a music concert performance, Paloma demonstrates artistic grace as she presents her work to her fans. Forever challenging herself, she recently spent a weekend with Prince discovering that she’d reached a new musical “ladder” and felt stuck at the bottom of it. She says; “that was a real turning point for me ... but I felt that with his encouragement, I could go out there and achieve something.” Surprising sentiment from an artist admired by many and rewarded often by the Brit Awards industry as a beacon of British talent. Perhaps fans at Blackpool will be treated to snippets from her upcoming album, “Redemption” which, by the title, seems to indicate a re-birth or re-discovery of her artistic roots and individualism, which made her debut such a smash-hit. With Blackpool close to her heart, Paloma Faith fans will be treated to an extra-special evening at the Blackpool Opera House this February.