Pepsi Max Big One

February 4, 2012 at 2:17 pm
Three minutes is just enough time to fry an egg, queue at the supermarket checkout, be stuck for ages at the traffic lights or ride the Pepsi Max Big One. I know which option I would choose, as this is three minutes of your life you will not regret, as you experience the thrilling motion of the UK’s original fast, tall and scariest roller coaster. Starting like all coasters, with the huge climb to the top of the first twisting down-slope, what strikes you about the Pepsi Max Big One is the incredible view of the ocean as you ascend. Racing around to the next high section, the coaster then slows and you are now travelling parallel to the Irish Sea, overlooking the entire Pleasure Beach Resort below you. After a razorneck encounter with G-force on the 270 degree turn, you seem to be crashing into the rollercoaster itself as that first scream escapes from you. That is what makes rollercoaster riding so enjoyable. Despite yourself, you can resist feeling a bit scared, but in a good way. History Opened in  May 1994. Pepsi Max rollercoaster was the tallest, fastest and steepest in the world at the time, with a maximum gradient of 65 degrees and maximum speed of 74mph. It cost £12 million pounds to build and was of course, sponsored by Pepsi until 2011. Famous for its height of 235ft, the Pepsi Max Big One held this as a world record until 1996 when the Japanese built the Fujiyama ride in Tokyo. As the second biggest investment for the Pleasure Beach Resort in Blackpool, with the £15 million Valhalla ride being the most expensive dark ride ever bought and built, the resort has a good reputation for providing entertainment to its annual six million visitors. At the Pleasure Beach Resort you can visit over 125 rides and attractions, spread over 42 acres. The Pepsi Max Big One is a good way to get a birds-eye-view of the park as it is 1,675 metres in length and covers one whole side section in its twists and turns. With only four other coasters in the world able to boast slightly bigger statistics, the Pepsi Max Big One is a must do ride when you visit Blackpool, especially if you need to wake up and get the adrenaline pumping.