Pigeon Show Blackpool

October 12, 2011 at 11:58 am
During World War II thirty-two animal bravery medals were awarded to pigeons. Out of the fifty-three medals given out, the pigeons were recognised for the incredible risks they took to pass secret messages from Britain to the continent. Messages that saved the lives of British servicemen. The Pigeon Show Blackpool hosts each year, is part of a gathering of fanciers from all over the world, who come to admire the rich variety of breeds of racing pigeons and fancy pigeons. Royal patronage honours the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, which began with an Annual General Meeting of fanciers in Manchester in 1896. It is no wonder that the Blackpool show draws a crowd that is a combination of traditional enthusiasts and breeders, alongside international admirers. Life-long Friendships The Pigeon Show Blackpool is said to be the annual event that builds friendships that last a lifetime and attracts those who are interested in a sport that has endured modern trends. The Duke of Windsor and the Prince of Wales maintained racing pigeons at Sandringham since the turn of the 19th century and the tradition continues to this day. Timing clocks are used to measure the time it takes a pigeon to race a distance, with some of the oldest entrants still using a 1920’s Toulet device. The race administrators allow this, alongside those who wish to use the latest technology, and treat entrants equally. This is truly a sport where the technology does not outrun the ability of the actual participants. It is still down to how good your pigeon is, and what a fine trainer is involved. The show is a must for pigeon loft builders, who like to meet the owners and show their sketches of the latest pigeon house and accommodation ideas. It is very important for racing pigeons to be housed comfortably, as it has a direct impact on their performance. Owners have been known to pay thousands of pounds for a specialist loft construction. The Pigeon Show Blackpool takes place each January at the Winter Gardens, and is home to over 2000 pigeon varieties for viewing and sale, and 170 trade stands. The show attracts over 25,000 visitors who also come to see the flying displays inside the Spanish Hall, the presentation of fancy pigeons, and the beautiful birds for sale.