Pleasure Beach Resort

October 30, 2011 at 2:27 pm
Attracting over six million visitors per year, the Pleasure Beach Resort is a must do stop when visiting Blackpool.  The resort itself is over 100 years old, and originated in 1896 with just one ride. From these Victorian-era beginnings, as Blackpool realised that it could profit from the influx of workers from the mill towns nearby by providing entertainment and leisure activities, so too, did the Pleasure Beach Resort increase in grandeur and variety. Of course, the rides are what the Pleasure Beach Resort is famous for, with the Valhalla ride costing £15 million pounds to build, which makes it the biggest ride constructed in the UK. The rollercoaster ride Pepsi Max Big One is on par with Europe’s biggest dippers, and the resort invests in new style rides too, such as the Ice Blaster, where visitors are catapulted at high speed 200ft in the air. Not a ride for the faint-hearted. Max your visit The park itself is 42 acres long, so you may need more than one day to cover all of the attractions you want to see when you go there.  The park is only open until November 8th this year, and does close seasonally so be aware of this is you are visiting in winter. The newest ride, Infusion, is known as a white knuckle ride and will take you through five loops and rolls complete with wet jets, fountains and waterfalls to keep you on your toes as this new rollercoaster finishes with a double-twist at the end. People talk a lot about Bling, a ride which transforms you mid air into a G-force speed whiz around three crystal –lit gondolas that beam shards of light into your eyes. All this at a height of 100ft, which makes you feel as if you have been catapulted into the milky-way. The park itself caters for all kinds of visitors, with 54 restaurants, mother and baby facilities, disabled guide books with special reference to suitable rides and access, and a fantastic shopping arcade. You can visit the Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Odditorium, and check out some famous exhibits and strange facts you may not have been aware of in this museum of the paranormal. With over 125 rides and attractions, the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Resort is a fun and crazy day out, full of spills, thrills and lots of laughs for the young and the not-so-young to enjoy.