Regeneration – First World War Play hits Blackpool

November 21, 2014 at 4:41 pm
Around the nation there's many events marking the First World War, with the fantastic poppies at the Tower of London and almost every amateur dramatics society across England performing “Oh What a Lovely War!” Blackpool has been selected as part of the national tour for the play, Regeneration. By all accounts, this is one of those special events you won't want to miss. Touring Blackpool and the Grand Theatre for a limited period of time this November, the dramatisation of Pat Barker's Booker Prize nominated novel will leave you breathless. In combination with Olivier award-winning playwright, Nicholas Wright (known for West End Smash hit plays including His Dark Materials and Vincent in Brixton), Regeneration asks a lot of pertinent questions about World War I. The play tells the true story of soldiers, who were returned to our shores under medical notice for mental problems, were encouraged by the War Office to return to action as soon as they could be convinced to do so. The special thing about this play is the patient-protagonist is Siegfried Sassoon, renowned poet, and one  of the more famous first World War soldiers. The action is set in a war hospital in Scotland during 1917. Sasson has been institutionalised for mental illness. What is really going on is Sassoon has written several public statements and poems deemed to have undermined the war effort, defied military authority and discouraged soldiers from fighting. He’s basically a conscientious objector, but is too famous to put in prison so they’ve sectioned him instead. His psychiatrist from the army works at the hospital trying to repair the minds of shell-shocked soldiers, and upon meeting Sassoon, slowly becomes disenfranchised with the war, and what is being done in its name. It is a touching story of an unlikely friendship, set against the brutality of a war where over 800,000 British soldiers died. Director Simon Goodwin is an up and coming star of West End production teams, with accolades under his belt including Wanderlust, Strange Interlude and The Two Gentlemen of Verona at the RSC. You can see the play between Tuesday November 25th and Saturday November 29th as it tours the country. It is important to mark the centenary of World War I, and the many lives lost in the name of freedom for Britain and her allies – lest we forget them. If you are thinking of visiting Blackpool to see Regeneration, and you are travelling to see the play, why not stay the night with us at the Carn Brae Hotel? We would be happy to advise you about local restaurants, attractions and live entertainment venues for later in the evening, and to offer you a pleasant stay with us. Give us a phone anytime on 01253 345 938 or contact us via the website today!