Ride the Lights

October 12, 2011 at 11:53 am
Each year in September you have the opportunity to witness the unveiling of the Blackpool Illuminations by participating in Ride the Lights. Between 8 and 10 pm on the announced evening, you can join over 15,000 people on bicycles and ride up the Blackpool Promenade to greet the new light displays for that year. You can hire a bicycle or bring your own, and it is a fun event for everyone to join in. The warm summer evenings and promenade entertainments include barbeques, beer tents and live entertainment, combining to produce a festival atmosphere. Lights and colours Ride the Lights bicycles are decorated with streamers and bright colours, and the sight of all of the people riding is a must see for your family and your camera. Riding from the North Pier all the way past the Blackpool Tower to the South Shore, you can participate in the fun by registering with the organisers of the event British Cycling, and choosing to ride for a charity. Supported by the Blackpool Council, the event is traffic free so that those participating in Ride the Lights can ride unhindered by buses or vehicles. The event is in its fifth year and is gaining in popularity, and is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the Blackpool Seafront from end to end. The winner of Miss Radio Wave 2011, Sophie Heald, considered the face of Fylde Coast, led the riders this August in a stunning pink, white and black cycling costume. Other highlights include the presence of colourful dressed roller bladers and local skate boarders joining the cyclists. Riders themselves can choose what type of cycle to bring, and some can be seen on unicycles and tandems. Fancy dress is a feature, with glittering suits lit by LED lights, and gala costumes to be seen in groups that may be doing this for the fun of it or raising money for a charity. There are a few rules to the ride, adults must accompany children, you must finish the route by 10pm when the road opens up to traffic again, and you must have lights on the front and back of your bicycle. Riders need to be aware that the tramway is operational during the ride and it is recommended that cyclists wear a helmet to Ride the Lights. With marshals and first aid points along the ride, it is sure to be a fun and safe evening for all to enjoy.