Ride The Lights – Blackpool Illuminations 2012

July 29, 2012 at 1:01 pm
Ride The Lights is the annual opportunity to climb aboard a bicycle and travel the famous Blackpool promenade days before the Illumination Lights are officially switched on. Join over 15,000 people anywhere along the six mile cycle from Starr Gate in the south, along the promenade and finishing at Red Bank road. Between 8 and 10 pm on Sunday 28th August 2012, you can see firsthand the new light displays that make winter a dazzling experience in Blackpool. The night time display is sure to be extra special this year, with the 100th anniversary of the Illuminations ensuring all the top light display artists will want to demonstrate special flair. Anyone Can Join in and Ride The Lights This fun event has a festival type atmosphere, with the last of the warm summer nights ensuring there are many outdoor barbeques, picnics, refreshment tents and live music along the way. You can go solo and ride or bring a group of friends or family along. It’s not a race so don’t worry if you go really slowly – there’ll be Marshalls and plenty of supervision along the route. A Visual Feast Many people self decorate their bikes to get into the spirit of celebrating the Illuminations along the promenade. You can add lights, streamers or even go in fancy dress, with many parade costumes and carnival outfits. If you are staying in one of Blackpools Hotels, you must take your camera and snap some of the fantastic atmosphere . The Blackpool Council ensure the route is traffic free, so that everyone can ride safely along the normally bustling promenade area. The best thing about Ride The Lights is you can see the promenade from end to end, all the way from the South to the North Pier. Many people ride for charity too, and you can always register with the British Cyclists Association and nominate a charity you would like to ride for. You will see plenty of novelty bikes such as tandems, unicycles and old fashioned bicycles, as this event brings out all the amateur enthusiasts. Basic ride rules are that children must be accompanied, you need bike lights, and must finish the route by 10pm. The Tramway is operational during the ride so that is the only thing to watch out for. There are plenty of officials along the way to direct you, so make sure you head down to the promenade for Ride The Lights 2012.