Riverdance at Blackpool Opera House

October 21, 2014 at 1:36 pm
October sees the fantastic Irish musical Riverdance return to Blackpool Opera House on national tour. Worldwide, over 21 million people have witness the dance spectacular, encompassing the energy and sensuality of Irish folk dance – which has made Riverdance a global phenomenon. The Origins of Riverdance The idea for performing Riverdance came about when the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest required an interval performance and asked Ireland’s John McColgan and Moya Doherty to come up with something Irish. The dance was well-received, earning a standing ovation, and the talented duo expanded the short act into a full-blown stage production which opened, fittingly in Dublin, in 1996. True to the first performance, lead dancers Jean Butler and Michael Flatley combined forces with the RTE Irish Concert Orchestra and the Celtic singing group Anuna. The score was written by Bill Whelan and the resultant choreography employed the talents Flatley. The result, Riverdance, made Flatley a household name. Riverdance smashes the Pop Charts in 1994 The actual recording of the key Riverdance track topped the pop music charts in May, 1994. Despite all of these clues, McColgan and Doherty weren’t sure how the show would do as a musical. They were pleasantly surprised when their planned five-week run in Dublin sold out every performance, and tickets sold to 120,000 people. Since that time, Riverdance has gone on to sell out almost everywhere it has been performed, including London, the rest of Ireland, New York Broadway, and Geneva. Riverdance celebrates Twenty Years on tour The current tour show – Riverdance 20 Years, opens at Opera House, Blackpool between October 21 and 26 inclusively. The 20 Year anniversary means a lot to Irish fans, who are very proud of the smash hit Riverdance and its impact on the world, after storming the Eurovision song contest and taking everyone by surprise. Sure to be an enjoyable tour this time around, with a cast of the new generation of young dancers ready to make the performance shine. The dancers have decided to swap the lead roles around as they tour, and there’s ten lead dancers on roll as a result of this. If you are keen to see a musical at the Blackpool Opera House, we invite you to spend time with us at the Carn Brae Hotel, where we can fill you in on all the shows around Blackpool Town during your stay at our Blackpool Hotel.