RNLI Visitor Centre

January 24, 2011 at 8:14 pm
Being one of Britain’s most famous tourist destinations, the marvelous city of Blackpool is well known for its rich history and amazing architectural structures. A humble town which was home to many artists and artisans, Blackpool established itself as a centre for the arts and culture within England in the 1800s. The town council recognized this important part of Blackpool’s history and was well aware that they needed to preserve this part of it. A rich culture and the arts were what gave Blackpool its reputation and it was to be treasured. Today, Blackpool is a popular tourist destination, filled with some of the best places to visits for those interested in the arts and culture. Apart from these, Blackpool is also home to their 3 famous piers and a slew of famous tourist attractions. Venues such as the Grundy Art Museum, Sea Life Centre and Blackpool Tower are just some of the more popular ones. Located beside a large amount of water, this amazing city is also home to a very special place. The RNLI, or the Royal National Lifeboat Institution for short. The RNLI visitor centre is located in Lancashire, Blackpool, to educate interested visitors all about their task and mission. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is currently the only organization that is dedicated to rescuing life on the sea. Its members patrol the areas in their handy lifeboats to protect the safety of the people around. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution also keeps a blog, which it updates on a very regular basis, telling site visitors all about what has transpired recently. Originally one of the lifeboat stations which served the Blackpool region, the RNLI visitor centre has since been converted into a fun and interesting exhibit for tourists. This was mainly due to the fact that the lifeboats housed inside were moved to a new, multi-purpose facility back in 1998. While inside the RNLI visitor centre, visitors not only get to learn about the history of the organization but get to see the actual equipment used as well. The RNLI visitor centre even has its own viewing platform, where interested parties can view various tools, equipment and machinery used by the RNLI. Tourists planning a visit to the RNLI visitor centre are also spoilt for choice when it comes to nearby accommodations. With hotels and motels for travelers of all budgets and preferences, make the RNLI visitor centre part of your next trip right now.