Rock City Blackpool

March 5, 2011 at 10:41 am
Not many places in this world come close to Blackpool when one thinks of cultural heritage and rich history. The humble beginnings of this little town have grown much and turned it into a highly attractive tourist destination today. However, despite the seemingly huge change from small, rural port town to bustling tourist spot, Blackpool still keeps true to its roots and promotes its splendid cultural and arts scene as a main draw to the city. Many attractions exist within the city of Blackpool itself. Some of the more famous ones might include the Blackpool Tower, Sea Life Centre and even their 3 world-renowned piers. In addition, Blackpool is also home to English Premier League side Blackpool Football Club. Nonetheless, the fact that the city promotes itself as a hub for arts and culture means many attractions based in heritage also exist there. One particularly interesting attraction you can find in Blackpool is Rock City. Among the various industries that invaded Blackpool back during the industrial revolution, only few have survived. One of these is the little known rock making industry. Rock making is one of the oldest techniques in the world and Blackpool can boast to be one of the few remaining places in the world today which still does it. Rock City Blackpool is a huge area, dedicated to educating interested tourist and visitors about Blackpool’s rock making history as well as the process. Visitors to Rock City Blackpool will not only learn about how rock making is done but will also get to witness, first hand, rock making in progress. Live demonstrations are scheduled throughout the day to give visitors a clearer idea of what rock making is all about. In addition, visitors to Rock City Blackpool will be able to buy many unique and amazing souvenirs that make for wonderful gifts and presents. Strangely enough though, apart from offering the widest selection of rock products in England, Rock City Blackpool also boasts a wide range of confectionary products. Rock City  Blackpool is conveniently located less than 1 mile away from the Blackpool North and Blackpool South train stations. Tourists planning to visit Rock City  Blackpool can also drop by other attractions nearby such as Central Pier, Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Grand Theatre, Winter Gardens and the Grundy Art Gallery. In fact, the centralized location of Rock City places it near at least 10 to 15 other major attractions so there is no reason not to visit it at all.