Royal Lytham Golf Club

February 4, 2012 at 2:20 pm
If you haven’t heard of this golf club, you will. In 2012 it will host the international Open Golf Championships for 2012 and attract celebrity golfers such as Tiger Woods, and celebrity golf fans such as Jeremy Clarkson, to its grassy, well-mown, club-house and green. Located in Lytham-St-Annes, the Royal Lytham Golf Club is south of Blackpool, but only minutes away from the fantastic leisure and tourist attractions, restaurants and entertainment venues, on offer. History of the Golf Club The Royal label is given to golf clubs that have a close link or association with the Royal Family, who bestow the title on the club. Royal Lytham Golf club was founded in 1886, and received Royal Patronage in 1926, which was bestowed by George V. The Open Championship was first held at the club in 1926 and this was in recognition of the monarch’s patronage. The Open Championship is one of four annual competitions, regarded as the most prestigious for the international golf circuit, and the epitome for professional players. Only one of the four competitions each year is held outside of America, so for Royal Lytham to be hosting it for the fourth time, speaks of a good course, indeed. The club has an interesting history and some great stories, including that of Bobby Jones, who was a relative unknown, who went on to win his first of three Opens at Royal Lytham. The funny thing about his story is that due to a mix-up he was unrecognised at the entrance gate for players, and was charged spectator entry fees to get in. He is the only Open player to have had to pay the spectator fee, just to get in and make it to the green! Then there’s Tony Jacklin, the English player who won the Open in 1969 at Royal Lytham Golf Club. Since then, British player, Nick Faldo has gained the Open Golf Championship title three times, but no other player from England has come close. A lot of eyes will be on Englishman Luke Donald next year, who is top on the list of hopefuls for a win for the isles. The Open Golf Championship in 2012 will cause much excitement to come to Blackpool in 2012, and golf-watchers and fans will be well placed to visit the Royal Lytham Golf Course at Lytham-St-Annes next year.