Sand Sea & Spray Blackpool

March 27, 2012 at 8:29 pm
They say success comes through witty invention, and the Sand Sea & Spray Blackpool Street Art festival for 2012 is the third year bringing the work of creative street artists to Blackpool Town. The brainchild of Robin Ross and his partner Caroline Fisher, the pair gathered talented graffiti  artists from all over the world and styled an industrial warehouse space to showcase their work. Representative of the outdoor terrain that is normally the territory of the spray can aficionado, turning a space into a formalised art presentation for the general public … worked. Was caging the “street” inside a building a betrayal? Street artists notoriously resist any kind of normalising and homogenising. How could the work of artists be identified and located in an exhibition space and still call itself “street”? Dear reader, if you have not kept yourself up on the movement of street art into a commercial art form - you’ve missed the Banksy coffee books for sale in American Apparel clothing stores. “Street” has become a strong message. A message for sale. Investment bankers stick it on their walls. Sloane rangers buy it to liven up their bathrooms. Messages of “fight the power” slide through. The punk mash message from the 70s has become the commodified product of desire in the noughties. It’s art son, but it ‘aint free. Tell me, would our street artists be more authentic if they were on the “rock and roll” instead? Isn’t the aim of any society to encourage and … ahem … pay … its artists? I’d rather pay artists than bankers any day. The fact that the power holders of an elite society fund the messages of rebellion is “sweet” – don’t you think? Maybe that is the ultimate achievement of an anarchist movement – the establishment accepting there will always be rebels worth listening to. If the calibre of the artists Ross and Fisher have managed to attract for 2012 is anything to go by, their test-tube experiment has been a roaring success.  Robin’s name dropped on Facebook some of the 2012 artists for Sand, Sea and Spray Blackpool: “Big names now confirmed, Smile from Lisbon, Lonac from Croatis, London Police... legends.. Guy Denning really nice man and so good.. Dale Grimshaw.. Accringtons finest.. J's from Austria.” Makes sure you checkout hotels Blackpool has near the venue so that you can enjoy the full delights of Blackpool town alongside the Sand, Sea & Spray Blackpool 2012 event. The event also features DJ artists in the scene, social events and a gathering of the artists themselves. The “street” art scene is still a place where the masses can mix with the majors and everybody is cool with it. Get yourself down to Sand, Sea & Spray Blackpool 2012 for a dose of contemporary edge.