Solaris Centre Blackpool

February 4, 2012 at 3:18 pm
The Solaris Centre Blackpool is the focal point of environmental sustainability for the busy resort town. The name, “Solaris”, is an interesting choice, being both the operating program code for UNIX, suggesting organisation and structure, and the title of a novel. The science fiction novel, “Solaris”, centred upon a planet that an earthen space-ship was studying, to determine if there was life upon it. The planet, Solaris, had the power to examine the feelings and thoughts of the humans studying it. The theme of the novel was that humans have limitations when it comes to their environments, and that is perhaps why Blackpool Town Council chose this name for their environmental centre. Environmental work at Solaris Centre Blackpool An exhibition centre showcases environmental sustainability initiatives. The building itself is heated purely by solar energy, with 223ft of solar voltaic roof panels providing all the centre’s energy needs. Originally a derelict building, the Solaris Centre was constructed using recycled building materials, and has incorporated insulation and conservation principles in its design. As it sits on the south promenade and sea-front, The Solaris Centre has included solar power in its energy systems, with the sunshine and exposure benefitting this arrangement. There are ten acres of grounds, which have been cultivated into wild habitats. Endangered species of flora and fauna have been introduced, and live within the habitat, representing biodiversity aspects of environmental sustainability agendas. The centre is linked with various Blackpool education establishments including Lancaster University, Blackpool and Fylde College, as well as welcoming visits from local schools. The centre is also involved in community outreach, and provides rooms for meetings, seminars and exhibitions, which can run for a month at a time. Currently involved in the “Cycle Blackpool” initiative, the Solaris centre is reaching out to businesses in the area and other important attractions, asking them to encourage the green initiative to reduce traffic pollution. The Solaris Centre Blackpool makes for an interesting visit. The latest facts and statistics on global temperatures, arctic and antarctic ice melts and future predictions for global warming are available for easy viewing and digestion. As the imposing wind turbines churn outside, making energy from the natural resource of the ocean winds, the Solaris Centre acts as a reminder that we must think globally to take care of the planet. Make a visit to The Solaris Centre Blackpool for an educational and interesting day out.