South Pier

March 4, 2011 at 6:58 pm
When one mentions Blackpool, the first thought that springs to our minds will most likely be of a famous tourist destination that is known for its arts and culture. Others might instantly associate it with some major tourist attractions in England, such as the Sea Life Centre, Grundy Art Museum and Blackpool Tower. Football fans might even think of Blackpool Football Club, which plays in the world renowned English Premier League! But one thing that Blackpool is famous for other than being a centre for the arts and culture is its 3 piers. North Pier, Central Pier and South Pier are all situated in Blackpool and were a big part of the city’s economy and transport back in the old days. Out of the 3, South Pier is actually the newest one and was built only in 1893. The initial work on the pier started as early as 1890 and took 3 whole years before the pier was finally completed. Due to it being built much later, South Pier was also built using a faster, more modern method which is called the Worthington Screwpile system. Initially, South Pier was considered rather “upscale” by the locals and did not get many visitors. The crowd at South Pier was highly exclusive. Another reason for this was that South Pier didn’t really have much to offer for the common folk so they had no reason to visit it in the first place. This started to change in 1896 when a carousel was installed on the sand dunes. As South Pier continued to develop in terms of attractions, visitors started to increase as well. Two subsequent fires, one in 1958 and another 6 years later, also served to change the face of South Pier completely. The fire damaged and destroyed the Grand Pavilion which was then replaced by a theatre. The Regal Theatre was then converted into the Beachcomber Amusement Arcade which still stands today. Today, South Pier can boast some of the most exciting rides in Blackpool itself and pride itself as a major tourist attraction in the city. South Pier now contains a large number of entertaining rides such as dodgems, Crazy Mouse and the incredible, reverse bungee, The Skyscreamer. Apart from these rides, visitors also get to enjoy a Kiddies Ride Arena as well as the Laughing Donkey Family Bar, promising a fun-filled day of activities for the whole family.