Stanley Park Blackpool

March 5, 2011 at 11:15 am
From what was once a small town located in the north of England, Blackpool has today become one of the must-visit tourist destinations in the country. The city of Blackpool was famed for its 3 piers, the North Pier, Central Pier and South Pier. It was also very well known throughout the land to be the place to be in England for the arts and culture enthusiast. Blackpool’s reputation was built on its long standing tradition of keeping true to the arts and promoting culture. Even a hundred years on, none of that has changed and it remains the main factor that draws scores of tourists to the city each year. The town has also managed to build up an amazing list of attractions to brand itself as a top tour destination. The Blackpool Tower, Grundy Art Gallery, Sea Life Centre and even the local zoo are just some attractions in a long list that set Blackpool apart from other cities in Europe. One particular sight that you won’t want to miss while you are in Blackpool will be Stanley Park. Stanley Park Blackpool started back in 1920 after the mayor obtained a large plot of land and decided to develop it into a park for the city. The work soon began and continues even today, under the charge of the city council. Spanning a perimeter of more than 3.5 kilometers, Stanley Park Blackpool is by far the largest recreational park in the whole of Fylde Coast. The activities that one can enjoy in Stanley Park Blackpool are countless. Located at the heart of the city, it is also convenient for just about anyone to access it. The northern quadrant of Stanley Park Blackpool houses a huge, 18-hole golf course and is home to Blackpool Park Golf Club. It also has a rose garden, six bowling greens and the park's central cafe. The eastern part of Stanley Park Blackpool is mainly reserved as an area for wildlife and boating activities. The scenic beauty of the water body located in this part of the park is an absolutely perfect complement to the wildlife is protects. A 5000-seater cricket ground that is home to the Blackpool Cricket club is the main draw of the western quadrant while the southern part of Stanley Park Blackpool  contains a children’s play area and the Blackpool Model Village. All paths in the park gradually lead to the beautiful, Italian garden located at the heart of Stanley Park Blackpool.