Starlight Express

July 21, 2012 at 7:24 pm
Starlight Express is one of the most successful musicals ever produced. Original choreographer and Strictly Ballroom personality Arlene Phillips is back directing and choreographing the show, first performed in the West End in 1984. Blackpool Hotels are offering short stays with access to tickets for the whole family so ensure you are booked somewhere near the promenade area in order to enjoy your stay. Escape Into Fantasy With Starlight Express Starlight Express is the kind of performance that transports you to another dimension of fantasy. Toy trains are the main characters, with a love story between the two engines sure to set hearts racing. The cast perform on roller-skates, mimicking train engine travel, sure to delight an audience of all ages. Daredevil stunts, spectacular speed, energy and dazzling costumes combine with an international cast of trains from countries of the world, humour and catchy musical show soundtracks. Some of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s biggest hits include “Only You” and “I am the Starlight” alongside forty other musical tracks. Performers train intensively for 3 months before the season as it takes a lot of fitness to be able to roller-skate, sing and perform stunts for this energetic musical. The love story which underpins the plot is sweet, with twists and turns as “Pearl” and “Rusty” try to find each other in a world where things have turned upside down and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s inspiration for the story came from his desire to perform a version of Reverend W Awdry’s Railway Series books, where toy train sets come to life. Bill Kenwright brings this production of Starlight Express to Blackpool, with his expertise with musicals in the West End second to none. Kenwright is currently in charge of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and The Wizard of Oz playing in London, having a flair for producing fantasy musicals for all ages. Blackpool Opera House Theatre Blackpool’s Winter Gardens Opera House Theatre hosts this Andrew Lloyd Webber music and theatre extravaganza between October 30 and November 10, 2012. This beautiful venue is one of the most ornate and visually stunning performance venues in the UK and promises acoustic excellence alongside world class facilities. Starlight Express is truly a great show to take the whole family along to, with the story and entertainment value as good as anything you would find in London’s West End.