Strictly Come Dancing

October 30, 2011 at 1:50 pm
If you have ever seen a film in 3D, you will no doubt be curious as to how the Strictly Come Dancing Blackpool 2011 broadcast is going to look. For the first time, the program is to be broadcast in 3D. Yes, you heard it hear first, those sequins are going to spin out into your lounge-room and have your eye out! Hope you are staying in a nice hotel, if you haven’t got tickets, because this sensation needs to be viewed on a 3D TV. Alternately, you could go along, and watch the dancing live, and view the 3D effects from the 80ft high screens provided at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom for the event. Big plans for Strictly Strictly Come Dancing has a big year planned, and wants to broadcast the biggest live dance-floor event ever by using Wembley Stadium and housing 6,500 fans to watch all of the action. The broadcast alone, on November 19th, 2011, is expected to attract more viewers than ever in the programs history. The BBC are quietly hoping to smash viewing records. This is all leading up to showcasing the BBC HD Channel’s presentation of Strictly Come Dancing Blackpool in 3D. While conversations with Bruce Forsythe allude to his worry that his chin might pop out and hit someone, I’d be more worried that Tess Daly’s plumped up lips might launch a kiss straight into your lounge-room. Blackpool’s Tower Ballroom is the original home to Strictly Come Dancing, and it is a perfect backdrop for the 3D extravaganza, as Wembley and London Studios might be bigger, but Blackpool’s Tower Ballroom has the glamour factor. And glamour, my friends, is what ballroom is all about. The final, the champions, the crown of Strictly Come Dancing, will be decided during this 3D broadcast, and the judges will have a tough time choosing the winning pair. As for my money, it is on Holly Valance to win. I’ve been studying her early form and although she is a taller dancer, which makes it harder for a male partner to manoeuvre her, I think she has the grace and poise to go on to win. Some people are just natural dancers, and I am sure she will be in the final. Place your bets now! Strictly Come Dancing Blackpool will be the dance event of this year.