The Blackpool Mascot Games

July 27, 2013 at 12:42 pm
Take advantage of free admission to the family fun-filled day at the Blackpool Tower Festival. Admire all the costumes and competitors vying to become Blackpool’s official mascot. The Tower Festival Headland comes to life with an outdoor mascot Olympics where Blackpool's favourite costume characters battle to win the mascot competition. Blackpool Champion Mascot 2013 is not an easy title to win The Blackpool Carn Brae Hotel is pleased to give notice that Friday August 2, 2013 is the date set for the games to begin. Last year, Jungle Jim won the title with a stunning display, in a series of disciplines only the finest athlete mascots can achieve. Usain Bolt might dominate track and field, but who will prove to be Blackpool’s fittest mascot? In the qualifying rounds, games include musical chairs, with some crowd participation, the egg and spoon race, and a bean bag race. The final championship round of the games involves a tricky obstacle course. The top three round winners navigate a truly comical race, involving a bit of falling down, and a lot of laughter. Blackpool Receives New Mascot for Visit Blackpool This year, Marketing Blackpool is launching a new Visit Blackpool Mascot, who has never been seen before. Make sure you bring your camera to get snapped with Blackpool’s newest VIP mascot. Blackpool Family Fun for Children The event delight's children especially, and is a great afternoon event for all the family. Other competitors who've promised to fight for the title this year include Bling and Balula from Sandcastle Waterpark, Harry the Hound from Houndshill Shopping Centre, Blackpool Seaworld's Sharky Shark, Radio Wave's Charlie and Chuck Chipmunk, and Barci the Cockerel from Nandos. Come along and cheer for your favourite mascot. Staying in Blackpool for the exciting August weekend is a must-do for every family wanting to experience the variety of entertainment and fun for young children. Blackpool is the centre of leisure and tourism in the UK, with world class theme parks and attractions for all to enjoy. There’s no end to the fun you can have in Blackpool. Please consider staying with us at the Carn Brae Hotel Blackpool . We are walking distance from Blackpool Town Centre, the mascot competition, and all major Blackpool attractions. Our friendly staff can help you plan your family weekend, and would love to hear from you today on 01253 345 938.