The Golden Mile

December 29, 2010 at 11:48 am
The Golden Mile, Whether or not this is your first time visiting Blackpool, The Golden Mile is bound to be one stop you cannot afford to miss. A beautiful stretch of seaside that brings calm and serenity to you, The Golden Mile has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Blackpool area. Although it started out as a simple stretch of beach on which the locals gathered to spend a nice day of fun, it has since grown and become far more commercialized but sophisticated. The Golden Mile used to be filled with little, fun-filled kiosks such as fortune tellers and kissing booths. Today, much of this old school charm has been replaced by multi-million dollar tourist attractions such as the 5 storey tall wax museum located along this popular venue. The Louis Tussaud Museum is packed with wax sculptures of famous people from around the world and is sure to provide you and your family a fun-filled day of laughter. Apart from that amazing venue, The Golden Mile also boasts one of the world’s greatest sea-life exhibition centers in the form of the Blackpool Sea Life Centre. Home to more than a thousand different species of marine life, the sea life centre is one location you definitely do not want to miss out on. Fans of the amazing and astonishing will also have a field day at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, which is conveniently located at The Golden Mile as well. Attractions aside, The Golden Mile can also offer to you exactly what beaches can – A nice relaxing day with nothing but the sand and the sea around you. Take part in one of the many beach activities going on and truly see this magical stretch of beach for what it is. There is a good reason why The Golden Mile is such a popular spot for tourists young and old. This is because there is something for everyone here, regardless of age, gender or nationality. If you happen to visit the Blackpool area, be sure to mark down The Golden Mile and make it a part of your trip. You haven’t visited Blackpool if you haven’t seen The Golden Mile. Getting there is extremely easy and there various bus and shuttle services that make daily trips to this popular location. Planning your Blackpool trip around The Golden Mile is yet another viable alternative with the many great hotels located in the area.