The Pollinations

July 21, 2012 at 7:13 pm
“Bloomin’ Gorgeous Floral Displays” reads the tagline for The Pollinations 2012 event at Winter Gardens Blackpool. You could be forgiven for feeling as if the organisers, Showbizworks had managed to predict the future, or the summer at least. Why? Because the main floral display in the Blackpool Winter Gardens’ Floral Hall is a motif inspired by Gene Kelly’s performance of “I’m singing in the rain.” Indeed Britain has experienced a lot of singing in the rain this year. With April to June 2012 being cumulatively the wettest on record since records began. Singing in the rain seems quite appropriate, alongside the gorgeous display featuring umbrellas, dancers with umbrellas and videos of Gene Kelly singing and dancing with an umbrella. So What Does All This Have To Do With Flowers? The Winter Gardens’ Floral Hall has undergone extensive refurbishment costing £1 million over the past year. This Classic Victorian glass domed venue originally opened to the public in 1878 is an important architectural icon of the time and currently Grade II listed for preservation. The gorgeous rotunda is a stunning sight which can be seen at the entrance to the hall and is directly overhead. The display of flowers in the hall has been a traditional part of summer in Blackpool since that time. The Pollinations is newly commissioned display which Marketing Blackpool combines with Blackpool’s legendary reputation for dance. Putting dancing and flowers together. Over 1000 flowers will feature in the Gene Kelly presentation, with the display the staggering size of 11m by 4m. Showbizworks’ dancers are ready with umbrellas to hand, and no doubt screened for pollen allergies too.  The new pizzazz and dance routines celebrate the grand re-opening of the Floral Hall, recognising that Blackpool has come of age as a city of dance spectaculars, theatre performances and world class competitions for dance. It is only fitting that in Blackpool where the sense of adventure and carnival combine wonderfully with the arts and modern culture, that The Pollinations display puts these side by side. Nearby Blackpool Hotels are available to stay in and a great idea if you want to walk the promenade and Winter Gardens’ area. The Floral Hall is open from 11am daily to visitors and is a free event. There’s quality coffee and gorgeous places to rest, eat and admire the display within the hall, along with quaint shops to visit in this glorious Victorian setting.