The Sands Venue

February 11, 2012 at 3:34 pm
The Sands Venue is a restaurant and entertainment venue that plays hosts to a rolling program of live music, tribute style, and jazz fusion sessions. You can dine in the elegant 50s themed restaurants, and sup champagne in their sumptuous champagne bar. Sushi cuisine is a specialised food from Japan that is taking over the London dining scene and The Sands Venue is right on trend, offering this and other specialised fine dining treats in The Sea View restaurant. Combine this with the elegant decor and beautiful ocean views and you have a night to remember. You can watch the New Year’s show from the restaurant balcony, or troop downstairs to the dance-floor and shake the night away. Music Delights and Tribute Specials Alongside the excellent service and friendly, helpful staff, The Sands Venue offers a wide range of music shows to suit all tastes and styles. Tribute acts that have played in 2011 include David Bowie, T-Rex and Elvis Presley, and touring acts such as jazz star Snake Davis, and singers like Richard Shelton ensure that there is a wide variety of entertainment on offer. Themed nights feature too on the program, Mexican night is popular with the tunes from the band creating a fun atmosphere. Tea dance Tuesday evenings feature the world famous Frontline Dance Band, who play a host of songs that get the hips moving and the grooves shaking to waltzes, fox trots, new vogue and Latin sets. This is becoming a hugely popular night out, and with the band’s experience on the QEII demonstrating a showmanship that is second to none. Jive night specialises in this fun dance that originated in the 50s, Swing night follows jazz dance melodies from the 20s to the 50s. To make the most out of the Sands Venue, bring your best dancing shoes and study up your technique so that you can show off your moves. For a more relaxed meal you can eat in the brand new deli, which is of course, licensed, and has a wide range of hot food such as layered salmon in puff pastry, with celeriac and carrot puree and winter vegetables. Care has been taken in this venue to provide a stylish dining experience alongside wonderful music with dancing. For a truly special night out while in Blackpool, visit the Sands Venue Blackpool and take a whirl around the dance-floor decades