The Sands Venue Blackpool

February 4, 2012 at 3:15 pm
The Sands Venue Blackpool is a quality venue, just south of the central pier. With its focus on music and comedy entertainment, the Sands Venue Blackpool is a wonderful place to have a meal, pre-show, and then dance the night away, or giggle your socks off, depending on what you have come to see. Live music is a speciality of the venue, as you are transported by the Hollywood decor and twinkling ballroom style lights into the world of dance, jazz and entertainment. Tea dances are a regular event at The Sands, and attract return crowds so ensure you book your place if you want to try out this dance event. The Sands Venue Dazzles The phrase, “put on a bit of razzle dazzle”, springs to mind when I think of the Sands Venue Blackpool. There’s a great soul band on most Friday nights, and it is such a feel-good vibe to see people of all ages, shaking their groove thing on the dance floor. Another major attraction is the regular Jazz Band, “Come Fly Me to the Moon”; and if you know a few steps, fox-trot, quick-step, or similar, there is nothing to stop you wheeling around the floor. It is lovely to watch people who know how to dance, and when I see it done well, like it is at The Sands, it makes me want to take more lessons. On the top floor, overlooking all this jazz - pardon the pun – is the fabulous Champagne Bar, where you can enjoy oysters, champagne and all the glamour that goes with up-bar dining. If you are feeling more peckish, the fantastic Sea-View restaurant is here too, with glorious views of the Irish Sea. This is particularly wonderful at sunset, eating early, ready to catch a live show and dance later on. Every time we go to Blackpool we make The Sands Venue part of the itinerary. You can go as a couple, and you will meet lots of different people, as everyone is very friendly, and there is a nice mix of local people here alongside tourists. Someone may whirl your partner out for a dance from under your feet. There are not many places where you can be entertained, eat well prepared sea-food and a-la-carte cuisine, and have a fantastic view with all of that. Check out The Sands Venue Blackpool, you won’t be disappointed.