The World’s Largest Mirrorball

March 5, 2011 at 11:25 am
There is plenty more to Blackpool than its rich history and interesting heritage that make it one of the hottest tourist destinations in the United Kingdom today. Home to a whole slew of attractions fit for the whole family, the city of Blackpool is truly remarkable in the sense that it has something for just about anyone. The art lover can take a trip down to the famous Grundy Art Museum while sports fans can have just as much joy visiting the home of the Blackpool Cricket Club or the English Premier League’s Blackpool Football Club. Winter Gardens offer much for entertainment freaks as well as serious business travelers while Stanley Park is a great area for lovers and honeymooners. However, what really stands out among this long list of amazing venues is the perfect spot for the disco fan - The world’s largest mirrorball. It wasn’t until rather recently that Blackpool still held the record for the tallest roller-coaster in the whole of Europe and it doesn’t look like it will soon lose the ability to boast the world’s largest mirrorball. Known as a disco ball to some others, a mirror ball is basically a sphere comprised entirely of mirrors on its reflective outer surface. What this does is help to create an extremely splendid sight of reflected light rays, making it perfect for the disco scene. Spanning an astonishing 7.3 meters wide, the world’s largest disco ball weighs in at approximately 2 whole tons. It can currently be found on the promenade in Blackpool and goes by the rather strange name of “They Shoot Horses Don’t They”. This amazing sight is clearly visible for miles around the air and gives off a splendid light show for anyone lucky enough to catch this fascinating sight. The world’s largest mirrorball is currently located at South Shore in Blackpool, which is a very popular tourist spot in itself even without the mirror ball attraction. Tourists visiting the area do not have to settle for just the world’s largest mirrorball as a slew of other attractions are available in the nearby vicinity as well. The South Shore region also offers visitors many interesting events to enjoy while they are there. Whether you are looking for events catering to children or specially dedicated to a whole day of family fun, you can be sure that South Shore in Blackpool has something for you.