Tower Festival Headland

October 18, 2011 at 11:23 am
For 2011, the Tower Festival Headland has added to its attractions a new wedding venue, restaurant and 20,000 capacity concert venue. ReBlackpool, a company specialising in the urban regeneration of the town, was granted a 14 million pound grant from Blackpool Council to re develop the Tower Festival Headland area located in the centre section of the Blackpool promenade. Blackpool Wedding Chapel The Blackpool Wedding Chapel is situated right on the sea, with extensive views of the resort, and includes in its three storeys a ceremonial “I do” hall, and registrars office. Modelled on similar venues in Las Vegas, couples will be able to get married quickly and then go up to enjoy the rooftop terrace and restaurant. The design of the structure incorporates lots of natural light, with detail made to include larger windows in order to flood the structure with sunshine, and allow stunning views over the shoreline of Blackpool and the Tower Festival Headland area. Modern and sleek, the decor is a combination of a gold and white exterior, and interior minimalist sleek lines representative of early cubism architecture. Of course no wedding venue in Blackpool would be complete without some reference to show-business. Thematically, the venue is known as “Viva Vegas” and celebrates Elvis Presley Las Vegas style wedding themes to coincide with the 25th Elvis anniversary. The chapel building also incorporates a tourism information centre and a beach cafe. The centre is hoping to attract people who started their romance on holiday, and want to celebrate their wedding in a similar way. The designers have thoughtfully considered the environment in their new building, making it as eco and energy friendly as possible. Open Air Events As the headland sits across from the famous Blackpool Tower, the plans to complete a 20,000 capacity open air events venue are well underway. With construction due for completion in 2011, we should see this coming together very shortly.  As part of enhancing the area, there are plans for an art installation called the ‘Comedy Carpet’ which will feature catchphrases and other paraphernalia sketched along walkways to the new venue and wedding chapel area. So if you are thinking of planning a wedding in Vegas, you may want to keep an eye on the Tower Festival Headland project, as the brand new wedding chapel is bound to add some glitz and glam to the Blackpool Promenade for 2012.