Tram Sunday

September 28, 2011 at 12:06 pm
As part of the Fleetwood Transport Festival, this annual event in July celebrates all things that travel and transport Blackpool’s millions of visitors each year around the fabulous leisure and entertainment resort town. Attracting upwards of 35,000 visitors each year, this rally event, which began in 1985, includes a vehicle display, pleasure rides and entertainment stalls. The highlight of the day is the vintage tram procession containing a selection of trams from the last 120 years that have serviced Blackpool and Fleetwood. There are classic cars on display, heritage buses and motorcycles and a large selection of commercial niche vehicles such as Morris and Bentley taxis. Fair rides are throughout Lord Street for the day, ensuring all the family can join in the fun. Be transported Since the inception of modern transport from steam trains, electric trams and the petrol engine vehicles, Blackpool has been a proactive consumer of transportation products. At the same time, the leisure town has held an interest in preserving the history of its favourite passenger vehicles, and has invested in keeping vintage trams and buses in working condition today. Because Blackpool has always been tourism focused, on any day of the year you can catch a glimpse of a vintage mode of transport in use on one of the promenades. It is no wonder that the nearby Fleetwood Transport Festival has become one of the most popular annual events to enjoy. The road rally into Fleetwood, sees over 200 vintage trams, buses, vehicles and motorcycles drive the fifteen miles from the British Commercial Fleet Museum in Leyland to the finishing point in Fleetwood Town Centre. Live entertainment follows the end of the rally, with the Old Boy’s Band kicking off this year’s party. The Fleetwood Museum offers free entry on this day, and it is the only time of year you can take advantage of this. At the museum you can see the maritime history of Fleetwood, special exhibits including how mussels, cockles, shrimp and salmon are harvested along the River Wyre, and how fishing has changed and modernised in the 21st century. If you are visiting Blackpool in July, make sure you don’t miss the Fleetwood Transport Festival, known by the locals as Tram Sunday and the best free event of the calendar year!