Valhalla Ride Blackpool

October 30, 2011 at 2:33 pm
The most expensive investment Pleasure Beach Resort has made is in the Valhalla Ride Blackpool. At a cost of £15 million pounds, the resort  built the best dark ride in the world, at that time, and it opened in 2000. Of course, this has caused many people to upload YouTube videos on the Valhalla Ride so if you want a sneaky preview you can always check it out. Be prepared for a wet ride if you try it out for real, and one that embodies the spirit and the terrors that the Vikings of the legends underwent. You will cruise out in a Viking-shaped wooden boat, and journey through fire, ice and snow and at times your journey will be pitch black. There is Viking-themed music playing over, and plenty of sights, sounds and scary pop ups as you travel along the dangerous fjords. The big tip from the online reviews is that there is a big dip at the start, and to hang on so you don’t bang your knees from the impact. After that is it a very cool ride, with the sensation of you being vulnerable and in a boat adding to the stress and fear the atmosphere creates. The Valhalla Ride Blackpool was designed by a creative company called Sarner, in the UK, who specialise in ride effects and electronics. Valhalla is based on the legends from Norse mythology, which dates back to the 11th century and was a religious system which made use of rune stones and amulets to assist its warriors in war and to pass to the other side after death. The lifestyle of the Vikings is represented in the ride, with traditional log flume boat craft looks established to dramatise the ride experience. The Vikings were leaders in marine travel and this is the main reason they were successful conquerors and feared. The ride itself lasts for over 6 minutes and it is all interior and hence known as a dark ride. The building it is in is over 80 feet tall and uses 35,000 cubic feet of gas per hour to provide flames, and 100,000 imperial gallons of water cycling through the system each minute. It is truly an engineering masterpiece. If you are visiting the Pleasure Beach Blackpool, make sure you ride the Valhalla Ride Blackpool, if only to experience the most expensive dark ride in the UK.