Winter Gardens

March 4, 2011 at 7:18 pm
With a name as exquisite as Winter Gardens, you would probably expect nothing less from this magnificent structure at the town centre of Blackpool. Despite what its name sounds like, Winter Gardens is far from anything to do with snow or winter and it is definitely not a garden per se. Winter Gardens is actually one of the oldest but most majestic entertainment complexes in the whole of the United Kingdom. Within a city like Blackpool, which is famed for its rich heritage and interested arts and culture, it is certainly not surprising to find a marvelous architectural piece such as Winter Gardens in the heart of it all. Winter Gardens was actually opened way back in 1878 and is currently owned and run by Leisure Parcs Ltd. Despite it being more than a hundred years old today, it is remarkably well-maintained and continues to host some of the biggest arts, cultural and even political events in the United Kingdom today. The city of Blackpool is well known to be a staunch advocate of the arts and culture and it sells itself as such to attract tourist from all over the world. For the overseas visitor coming into Blackpool to appreciate the artistic beauty of it all, there will be no place finer for them than Winter Gardens. Winter Gardens houses 12 distinct venues within it. On the ground floor, visitors can find the Opera House Theatre, Empress Ballroom, Pavilion Theatre, Arena and Olympia. The Opera House Theatre is especially remarkable in the fact that it is considered one of the largest theatres in the whole of the United Kingdom. With a sitting capacity of 3000, the Opera House Theatre hosts a variety of world-renowned performances, variety shows and even music concerts. The Empress Ballroom is also an incredible venue that spans 12,500 square feet in floor area, making it one of the largest ballrooms in the entire world! The ballroom has been used for conferences held by the Labor Party, Conservative Party and Liberal Democrats and has seen performances by famous artists such the Pet Shop Boys, Oasis, Radiohead and even the legendary Beatles. The first floor of Winter Gardens is mostly made up by the Spanish Hall, Baronial Hall and Renaissance Hall. The owners of Winter Gardens also proudly state that every single British Prime Minister since World War 2 have addressed audiences at this great venue before.