World Championship of Magic

October 18, 2011 at 11:08 am
The Federation Internationale des Societes Magiques (FISM) is to host the 25th World Championship of Magic in September 2012 in Blackpool. Held every three years, no doubt to give magicians time to perfect new and amazing tricks, the event has been held since 1948 across the world. Over three thousand magicians are expected to compete in the Blackpool event, and the championship is regarded as the most prestigious competition on the international circuit. A variety of entertainment will be on offer, including the heats featuring all of the magicians, lectures on the organisation and construction of magic, shows by famous and established magicians, and of course, the ‘Diagon Alley’ of magic sellers and stands will be there for you to visit. FISM magicians The FISM formed in 1948 and currently represents over 50,000 magicians world-wide and has a membership of 80 magical societies. It aims to foster a community of magicians and enhance, promote and develop the Art of Magic, by creating an exchange of information and services between magical communities. The championships themselves are judged according to several criteria. The act must be creative with artistic vision, there are marks for references to historical magic, and well researched pieces. There is a lot of theory and philosophy behind the art of magic, so clever references to these are awarded, much like clever postmodernisms in literature. Comedy Magic usually involves a great deal of audience participation and a theme that creates humourous moments.  Well known practitioners include Steve Spill and Eric Masters. Mentalism magic sees the magician attempting to read the mind of his viewers, and this art has a long history, with many claiming psychic abilities as real.   Stage Illusions are large scale magic tricks performed a distance away and may use large props or animals and assistants. Most popular on television, stage magic has found itself there in this century showing, for example, a woman being sawn in half. David Copperfield is the most well known Stage practitioner alive today. Other categories include; Parlour Magic, Close-up Cards, Micro-magic, Invention and Manipulation. The competition peaks at the Grand Prix announcement where one magician is selected across all categories to receive this accolade. In Beijing in 2009 results were a tie and the winners were Shawn Farquhar from Canada in the Close-Up category and Soma from Hungary in the Stage Illusion category. The World Championship of Magic is sure to be a fantastic event to attend in 2012 in Blackpool.