World Matchplay Darts Blackpool 2012

October 15, 2011 at 1:05 pm
With the win last year of Phil Taylor, who has claimed the championship title for twelve consecutive years, the World Matchplay Darts Blackpool 2012 tournament at the Winter Gardens is looking to be an exciting tournament. The thrilling win in 2011 saw Taylor pull off a few rounds of double top checkouts and finish on a double 16. James Wade, his opponent, is by no means an easy player to beat, as he also holds the title for 2007. If you have never attended a darts match before, and think you might like to experience something new, this is definitely the event to go for.  Held on the 21st to finals Sunday on the 29th of July 2012, you will need to get your tickets in advance, for this sell-out event. It’s broadcast on Sky! Atmosphere The darts crowd is a fun crowd, but also a serious one. Everyone near the action sits on circular tables, and some sit in rows with smaller tables, and there is lots of rounds of drinks circulating and people dressed in team regalia and colours. It is a family event for many, and one of the few sports where players’ supporters, family and children can attend and be up close to the action that their loved one is competing in. Ironically, this intimacy is what makes watching the World Matchplay Darts so thrilling. You can feel the tension of the supporters with each throw of an arrow, or busted ping of a fletchling as it hurtles to the floor. Total silence is required during throws and sometimes during whole legs, and as scores are displayed and the outcomes get tighter and closer, you will barely want to breathe for the excitement. Suddenly the crowd will burst into cheers of applause and support for a perfect check out or a top score, and the MC will call out ‘180’ to claps and cheers. In between matches there are glamour girls in skimpy shorts guiding players to and from the podium, to the tunes of rock and rollers past. It is as if the sport of darts is a vintage car and the radio is stuck on 70s tracks and values. But this is no bad thing, it is all fun. The World Matchplay Darts Blackpool 2012 championship is second only to the World Championships; the standard is high, the play intense and the atmosphere electric. Definitely worth ‘checking out’.