Wurlitzer Organ Concert

October 14, 2012 at 3:41 pm
The Blackpool Opera House is well known for staging a variety of musical acts and shows. Don’t miss the Wurlitzer Organ Concert on October 3rd 2012. Specialist players of the organ will combine to treat the audience to a very special afternoon of music and fun. The Wurlitzer Organ resident at the Blackpool Opera House is the last organ to be shipped to the UK by the original US manufacturers. There are less than 30 Wurlitzer Organs in their original locations in the world, and it is a rare and special treat to hear one played to the full capacity of pipes and keyboard sounds the machine is capable of. A masterpiece of musical engineering, the “Wonder Wurlitzer Organ” carries four layers of keyboard and comprises the rare Tibia Plena rank of pipes. The sound is similar to a flute with odd and even harmonics on a grand scale designed specifically for theatre performances. Designed by Horace Finch the organ was installed in 1939 and underwent extensive refurbishment in 2008. The Players Robert Wolf – one of the most respected interpreters of organs in the world, Robert is best known for playing tunes on Wurlitzer organs for the National Lottery, and giving concerts around the UK on Wurlitzer and other theatre organs. Cameron Lloyd – Cameron specialises in playing the organ for ballroom and sequence dancing routines and has a lively and rhythmic approach to his play. David Loban – David originally built organ pipes in the 70s and this grew into a love of playing. He now plays theatrical organs all around the country. David Redfern - David has played on over 123 organs throughout the world and is a renowned player with a wide repertoire of dance, ballroom, Wurlitzer tunes and traditional organ melodies. Peter Jebson – Peter grew up in Blackpool and began an interest in organs playing for his local church. This developed into a love of adapting music to organs and Peter is well known for his thoughtful and soulful playing. Jean Martyn – most recently seen as a competitor on “Britain’s Got Talent” Jean is the showmistress of the keyboard instruments. Highly versatile, Jean’s playing on the Wurlitzers injects fun elements, modern show tunes and an entertaining element of fun. With the variety of players for one afternoon only, check out the Hotels Blackpool has on offer and make sure you are booked in for October 3rd 2012.